Integrate Advent APX with any other cloud platform using Informatica Cloud

Advent APX is a portfolio management platform for investment firms that is cloud hosted, and includes many improvements over Advent Axys. APX enables advanced reporting with custom reports, dashboards, and scheduled reports. It is enterprise-ready and can adapt to changing regulatory requirements worldwide. Because of the robust reporting, APX makes it a lot easier to manage client relationships.

APX is operations-centric, and may not be used by all teams in an investment firm. For example, Sales may use Salesforce, and Marketing may use Pardot which are purpose-built for the way these teams function. With the wealth of performance data available in APX, making some of this data available in Salesforce can greatly improve the efficacy of Sales and Marketing efforts. For example, Sales can identify top performing accounts and cross-sell other products to those clients. Marketing can use this data to target their campaigns to attract the right kind of clients. For this and many more reasons, Advent APX should be integrated with the other platforms to gain maximum value.

Benefits of integrating Advent APX
  • Avoid redundant data entry and have synchronized data between APX and other systems
  • Give Sales & other teams visibility into client profiles, portfolios, holdings, and performance
  • Streamline processes to save time and reduce operating expenses
Mansa - the veterans at cloud integration

If you’re looking for an experienced consultant to perform your Advent APX integration, Mansa is a great choice. With over a decade of implementing and integrating cloud services for the Fortune 5000, mansa has pretty much been there done that when it comes to enterprise cloud platforms. Our end-to-end services can handle your entire project from planning, to execution, to training, and upgrades at a later time. We are backed with credibility being an Informatica cloud partner, and our team has many Salesforce, and ServiceNow certified professionals. At Mansa, we leverage the Informatica Cloud platform to integrate APX with a host of cloud platforms.

Informatica Cloud - The leading cloud integration platform

Informatica Cloud is the leader in data integration for enterprises. It integrates data from traditional on-premise or modern cloud applications in bulk or real-time.

Talk to us today to gain a better understanding of what’s involved in an Advent APX integration and how you can get started.

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