Integrate Encompass with any other cloud platform using Informatica Cloud

For mortgage lending companies, reviewing loan applications and ensuring they adhere to compliance normally involves crunching a lot of customer data. Encompass is the most popular platform that helps mortgage companies streamline their operations end-to-end.

Encompass is used by multiple teams in these organizations, but Sales teams may also be using Salesforce, and other teams may use niche tools that suit their preferences. In these cases, it becomes important to integrate Encompass with these other platforms.

Benefits of integrating Encompass
  • Close leads faster by making the approval process smooth and straightforward
  • Pay commissions based on closed loans
  • Comprehensive reporting within the Encompass platform
Mansa - The veterans at cloud integration

If you’re looking for an experienced consultant to perform your Encompass integration, Mansa is a great choice. With over a decade of implementing and integrating cloud services for the Fortune 5000, mansa has pretty much been there done that when it comes to enterprise cloud platforms. Our end-to-end services can handle your entire project from planning, to execution, to training, and upgrades at a later time. We are backed with credibility being an Informatica cloud partner, and our team has many Salesforce, and ServiceNow certified professionals. At Mansa, we leverage the Informatica Cloud platform to integrate Encompass with a host of cloud platforms.

Informatica Cloud - The leading cloud integration platform

Informatica Cloud is the leader in data integration for enterprises. It integrates data from traditional on-premise or modern cloud applications in bulk or real-time.

Talk to us today to gain a better understanding of what’s involved in an Encompass integration and how you can get started.

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