Hi-tech companies require a highly-optimized cloud infrastructure

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According to Wikipedia, a hi-tech company is any company that uses ‘technology that is at the cutting edge: the most advanced technology available.’ A hi-tech company uses technology to gain a competitive advantage, and re-invent the way something is normally done. Hi-tech companies operate in industries ranging from manufacturing, to hardware, to cloud software.

As a hi-tech company you value innovation, and want to be at the bleeding edge of technology. You care about customer experience, and want to equip your employees with the best tools for their work. Your realize that collaboration between teams is what fuels innovation. You don’t want to be stuck with legacy systems, and do not tolerate silos between teams. Consequently, you want your business systems to reflect these values. However, if your infrastructure is outdated you face a completely different reality.

Sales pain points: You have duplicate records and conflicting data within your CRM making it difficult to find a single version of truth for customer data. You do not have visibility into the entire sales pipeline because the data is stored in different locations and formats and isn’t well integrated. This makes reporting very time consuming, and often inaccurate. To resolve this, your CRM setup needs a complete overhaul.

Marketing pain points: Your marketing team does not know where their best leads come from, and how they convert. They do not feel equipped to influence the lead pipeline, and as a result, the marketing communication that doesn’t connect with your target customer. This calls for a cloud-based marketing automation tool like Pardot.

Service pain points: Your service teams is overwhelmed with documents and complex conversation threads, unable to resolve issues in a timely manner. Importantly, they feel chained to certain outdated workflows, which if changed, will throw your entire business into confusion. This badly compromises the customer experience. To make your workflow agile and automated, you require a service delivery tool like ServiceNow.

Implementing various cloud platforms like Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Pardot is only the starting point. The purpose of adopting these cloud platforms is to have them talk to each other, and facilitate collaboration across teams. This multiplies the benefits you reap from your cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of optimizing your cloud infrastructure
  • Gain an end-to-end view of your business
  • Generate higher quality leads from your marketing efforts using Pardot
  • Identify higher value deals and close them faster with Salesforce
  • Close service tickets faster with ServiceNow
  • Enable deep collaboration between teams
  • Get additional insights with detailed reporting
  • Deliver outstanding customer experiences at every touch point
You need an expert consultant to optimize your cloud infrastructure

Because every company is different, the way you use cloud platforms like Salesforce and ServiceNow will be different from any other company. To setup and configure these platforms for your organization, you need the help of a consultant that has completed thousands of such implementations for every type of company.

If you’re looking for an experienced consultant to perform your cloud integration, Mansa is a great choice. With over a decade of implementing and integrating cloud services for the Fortune 5000, Mansa has pretty much been there done that when it comes to enterprise cloud platforms. Our end-to-end services can handle your entire project from planning, to execution, to training, and upgrades at a later time. We are backed with the credibility having many Salesforce, and ServiceNow certified professionals on our team.

At Mansa, we follow best practices to ensure your implementation or integration project is setup just the way you need it, and in the quickest time possible. Further, we offer training to get you to start using the solution once it’s setup.

Talk to us today to gain a better understanding of what’s involved in a Salesforce and ServiceNow implementation project and how you can get started.

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